TERAOMICS is a biotechnology company developing multi-omics diagnostics to contribute towards early detection, prognosis and precise treatment of human conditions with unmet medical needs.


Creating a new era of precision medicine powered by Big Data.

Teraomics is focused on the development of cutting-edge innovations in -omics technologies, data science and automation enabling a new approach to precision diagnostics.

Teraomics was founded in 2020 as a spin-off of BIOITHAS and BIONOU RESEARCH, Spanish biotechnology and CRO companies based in Alicante, and is backed by data science company and Sandwalk Holdings.

Teraomics’ business model is the design of novel microbiome-based biomarkers for in vitro diagnostics tests.

Our lead candidate - SALIVARY BIOMARKERS FOR THE DETECTION OF EPIDERMOID CANCER OF THE HEAD AND NECK - is a patented, innovative salivary microbiome-based in vitro diagnostic which has been already validated by Bioithas in a pilot clinical trial.



Multi-omics platform enabling biomarkers discovery for early diagnosis of a disease and validation to support therapeutics development.